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My honest review Of the Empress of Beasts and Mists

Posted by Dannielle · 3 years ago

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the empress of beasts and mists in exchange for an honest amazon review. I will be discussing scenes from the book so there will be Spoilers ahead.

Trigger warnings are as follows:
Descriptive violence, fighting scenes. Blood, alcohol, sex, eating disorders, incest bestiality. Rape, child abuse miscarriages and torture.

Frist thoughts

This dark fantasy novel, is set in the same universe as Fatherland and is a prequal, but can be read as a standalone.

I found the prologue to be intriguing and enjoyed the legends of the beast and the introduction of the earth the beginning of the book.

I enjoyed Loveleen and Larcel’s first interaction together. Loveleen’s wild behaviour is refreshing. As for Larcel I pity him almost.
I found loveleen’s older bother described as the ghost of Normoint amusing.

There is a scene in chapter two where Loveleen while under the influence of cat piss wine becomes unpredictable and will lay with a Lionhelm despite her father despising the family.
The novel introduces new legends but also new creatures such as the strx a creature used to defend Normoint, I imagine them to be a type of bird. My first thoughts of Favian are he seems to be a yes man who resents the lord he serves.
Like Larcel I am intrigued by the tales of the Black matires.

My most liked scene
I think the scene I liked best in the Empress of Beasts and Mists is the scene of the red mist and blood rain in Cull Cove.
I loved the sheer savagery the unseen manter of beast unleased on their personal guard with one guard getting his head completely torn off. But the most savagery came from the Rorlaces themselves. When they tried to defend themselves against the invisible force only to find they slathered the guards assigned to protect them in the ominous chaos.

My most disliked scene  Trigger warning: Forced Abortion

Even now when I have red the entire story, I have never been speechless because of a scene before. But the  Abortion scene with Loveleen tigered me unexpectedly. As I was reading the scene. I felt the pain Loveleen endured within my mind. The amount of objects they used to pierce her womb would have been pure torture and was the most gruesome part of the book for me.   What she suffered at the hands of her inhumane father is unforgiveable.
I am honestly hopping for his life to end in such a manner that it is both gruesome and painful.
I admire Larcel for wanting to protect the unborn child even the he is not the father; I believe he generally cares for loveleen’s wellbeing. Even tho Loveleen got herself into the situation by her own actions, she now knows of Lord Zander’s cruelty. This scene in my option is a powerful piece and proves how talented the author is. I did need to take a brake before continuing with this scene  to collect my thoughts.

My thoughts of Favran’s death

I feel pity for Faian, but consuming someone else’s drink is a stupid move, come to think of it why would you use lethal berries in wine? In hands of a child? Even if they are a young lord? I did like the idea of the mists and ravens disposing of his body.

Zander becoming the beast

During Loveleen’s and lords Zander’s first meeting I admired the creature’s huge size, he acid dripping from his fangs and the human blue eyes. And the strength displayed  by the tail and the way the beast devoured the young mother in seconds. My only disappointment was it didn’t eat Zander.

The second encounter with the beast surprised me because the beast is capable of human speech while in the presence of the gifted crosses, the creature wants a successor, I feel sorry zander son had to die, he should have never taken the boy into the beast’s den. I personally believed at that point zander is his successor.
Later proven by the beast’s bite and the strange transformation Lord zander is experiencing

Loveleen and Larcel’s relationship

While this is a dark fantasy novel, I don’t mind the romance. I am impressed with how intelligent Larcel is. He and Loveleen are both complex in their ideals and feelings, with each chapter displaying different sides of their personality are displayed I have liked how their relationship is growing throughout the book; however, it is still filled with conflict the relationship feels natural.
And I was laughing at the fact Loveleen, Larcel and Ghost has a threesome.

Loveleen’s Visions
One of the most confusing but enticing moments are when Loveleen is experiencing voices and visions I first wondered if they were a foreboding warning, I believe now they are echoes of the past, and serve as a warning.
One of the most unforgettable moments is when Ginevra introduces the violet delusion. As if all the visions had been leading up to that moment.


As I near the ending of the Empress of Beasts and Mists I find myself thinking about the characters and their interactions.
I thought of what would become of Charlane she shared many traits with her mother and grandfather. And she succumbed to the violet Delusion. It is unknown if her son Soily may yet suffer from the same madness. To anyone else their house is no more.

This book has taken me though a whirlwind of emotions, I found it intriguing to the final page and even predicted certain events within the book. This dark  fantasy novel will make you experience the darker side of humanity with each twist and turn you discover.
It is truly for mature audiences, please read at your own risk. I have enjoyed every moment of the Empress of Beasts and Mists,    


I am 26 years old I live in South Australia I am a night owl and find the evenings the best time to write And I am a gamer girl at heart.