The seer Chronicles

Andriel, a parallel world to our own, is suffering the effects of a terrible curse

When Prince Taylorian Lothbrooke (known as Taylor in our world) was still a young child, a dark witch tricked him into accepting the gift of a necklace – the pendant of which was the dark stone.

As Taylor succumbs to the infection, the powers of the dark stone grow stronger, and the magical abilities of the people of Andriel are slowly being diminished. Shifters are losing the ability to change, seers are losing their visions, vampires are fighting amongst themselves, and the world of Andriel is falling into darkness and disarray. 

Destiny Morgan is a seventeen-year-old girl who has been raised by her father, Alaric, and her stepmother, Selina. Alaric Morgan works for the Paranormal Agency, researching magical activities in this world and beyond. Selina is none other than the dark witch who placed Prince Taylorian – and Andriel – under a curse.

Selina blackmailed Alaric into marrying her, stealing Destiny’s memories in order to avert a prophecy foretelling her demise, and using Alaric’s knowledge of ancient magic to assist her in finding the secret to resurrecting her master, the ancient dark sorcerer, King Solomon.


Hi am Dannielle

I am 26 years old I live in South Australia I am a night owl and find the evenings the best time to write And I am a gamer girl at heart.