My honest Review of The four lands of Arravan Bloodline

Posted by Dannielle · 2 years ago

Disclaimer: I am doing this as a favour to my friend. Her stories are available on Inkitt. I will discuss scenes from the book. Spoilers Ahead

Trigger warnings are: Gore, death, implied grief, violence, fighting scenes. Torture,

Frist thoughts:  

The story begins with the fae and human co existing in an era of peace. And introduces us to the four clans who inhabit this world: the ignis clan who controls flames. They live in Aiden, in the city of embers.

I associate each clan with an element: The terra clan controls the earth, the Aier clan controls the fierce winds and are the keepers of knowledge, they are nicknamed angels because of their wings thought out the land.  

And the aura clean, who control the flowing rovers, some members of the aqua clan shared seer abilities with their bloodlines.

Tensions broke out between the humans and fae and war broke out, leaving thousands to be lost on both sides. Until a mysterious green light stripped the fae of their elemental abilities for elements in self-defence. The war was known as the trinity war.
I personality believe they deserved to lose their elemental powers for patriating in bloodshed and breaking their laws by joining the war, leaving scars on the four lands.   

My most liked scene:

Amber has a way of describing the passions of her characters though her intimate scenes that just suck the reader in. I loved the scene between zack and Aveline, as they realize and awaken their passions between each other for the first time, I found the scene sweet as it is ended with a simple confession of love. I believe this is my favorite scene in the book as it is subtle but carries impact.

The world-building:

The author use a lot of plants and flowers, describing the natural world within their world building and the effects on the four fae clans, most of the cities are made of stone suggesting the fae are more comfortable in natural statures. Each clan is marked with a different symbol repenting their clan. These details gives the story an immersive feel, there is a civil unrest building beneath the fragile peace between humans and fae and amongst themselves. The fae have their own langue and phases. My only criticism about the book is their language isn’t in English and I cannot understand what their saying. Perhaps the author could add some translations.    

Relationships between characters:

Kaydence Bradshaw:  Is the main protagonist of the series, he is a hybrid of some sort with one gold and blue eye, he has the mark of the terra clan on his chest and has brown wings we are introduced to Kaydence relaxing in a meadow, before the chaos of his village erupts and it is attack during the battle Kaydence father is killed, before his eyes. Losing a parent is horrific in any situation.
because of his childhood Keyence has a mistrust of a lot of people including the high council, who are mentioned in the first chapter. And Myfiel a character who is introduced to us early who would later become his traveling companion.
I enjoy the dynamic between Kaydence and Myfiel between the two Kaydence is more aggressive and impatient, while Myfiel is calmer and more skilful.

 The story deals with grief well, Kaydence’s recurring dreams often have him reliving his personal loss and displays his thoughts of failure towards the people of his village and his father and his deep seeded fears of losing his new friend.

Myfiel I’m not sure how I feel about his character Myfiel seems childish in the way he handles his own emotions and feelings, while Kaydence lacks experience, he makes up for it with maturity.
Myfiel kindness, skills and optimistic personality makes up for some of his short comings however I do tend to think he overacts. I hope he shows more growth as the series progresses.

The story happening behind the scenes:  There is a separate story happening behind Kaydence journey it ties events together with the introduction of the leader of the high council Braylen and her plans to emirate her own species, while using her own son as a pawn.
I believe she has succumbed to maddens some time ago and believe she will never be forgiven or the genocide of her own people at the hands of humans under her commend.

In the middle of the conflict is a vigilante group known as the ravens founded by Braylen’s own husband. They play a vital role in the battle and help give insight into what became of the survivors of Kaydence village, who had been experimented on after they were captured. They main goal is to stop an all-out war caused by Braylen.

Conclusion: in the end Braylen and her accomplices escape during the battle and it is revealed Hrisiro is working for someone.


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